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Other Works by Author

Other Works by Author

Enterprise 501c3 Reference Materials

  1. Introductory Video (4 minutes)

  2. Community Health Institute Executive Summary

  3. Empowerment Programs - Optional Programs for the community

  4. Brian Donohue- "Televised Interview" -28 minute interview 2-11-15 by Mei Lin Fung with examples, history and the future.

  5. Congressional Briefing Paper - 6 pages (11-28-17) - Briefing for Congress explaining the historical and legal basis for Public Service Mandate

  6. Father of Community Health article, 8-18-16

  7. Richmond Workshop May 2017 - 5 full time days of "Workshop" on Community Health Empowerment facilitated by 6 experts guiding the participants to create their own plans for their communities