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SFL Publications

Berkeley, CA 94704
email: FiatLux.info@gmail.com

Enterprise 501(c)(3)
a California Non-Profit Corporation 3701076
Berkeley, CA 94704
email: BrianDonohueLaw@gmail.com

a program of Enterprise 501c3
Berkeley, CA 94704
email: BrianDonohueLaw@gmail.com

Enterprise 501c3 
Founder: Brian Donohue - J.D., M.B.A. (Information Technology)

Founder: Brian Donohue J.D., M.B.A. - 35 years technology and IP attorney
Business Building: Vladimir Starov - Ph.D. Serial Technology Entrepreneur
V.P. Marketing - Mark Cassin - 30 years in high technology, Bluescape
V.P. Chief  Product/Technology - Vladimir Starov (interim) 
V.P. Sales - Bob Arzt,  35 years in insurance industry
V.P. Sourcing - David Kolsom, former Strategic Sourcing UCSF, UCB
Design Team Leader - Jonathan Jayaprakash  - B.A. Cognitive Science 
User Interface/User Experience - Malaga Smith - 20 years in graphics
Malaga Smith - President, Malaga Corp. - Digital Graphics Design
Karen Mc Queen, CFRE - Consultant to Non Profits, Richmond VA
Adi Breuer, CPCC, Pure Ambition, Karuzawa, Japan
Timothy Berlyn, M.D. MBChB, Dip for Med, Health Informactics
Tanya Nemcik B.S. Applied Math and Statistics / Consulting
Candace Morton - Business Performance Consulting, Insperity
Deborah Teplow Ph.D. - CEO Institute for Wellness Education, New Jersey
Valerie Landau - V.P. Domestic Data Streamers, Merritt Univ. mapping outcomes
James Caldwell Ph.D. - Smart Cities - all things China
Eileen Clegg - member Royal Academy of Art
Selected Resumes
Brian Donohue - Click Here