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Did you see how the colors change on the book cover as the music plays? Did you listen to the words?
Did you notice "Fiat Lux" engraved on the gate?
This web site represents three distinct companies each embracing the same Spirit:

  • SFL Publications LLC publisher of the Spirit of Fiat Lux coffee table book, as well as the 5 Pillars of Community Health  series of curriculum, videos, online learning etc.
    “Study the Spirit ”

  • Enterprise 501c3 – a California non-profit corporation.   Advocates for a national policy of Public Service Contracting to help public universities.  Hosts the Community Health Institute, a collaboration of university faculty, students, public and private sector companies.
      “Live the Spirit”

  • CHIERS  the Community Health Indexing Electronic Reporting System)("CHIERS") we measure, index and report the health of a community and report scores in useful AI tools to meet the needs of businesses, governments, customized for selected vertical markets with a free mobile app for non-commercial individuals. "the  Community Health Data you need! ". 
     “Work the Spirit”

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