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The Spirit of Fiat Lux
"Live the Spirit - the Spirit of Fiat Lux"

The Spirit of Fiat Lux began its trailblazing journey of discovery 27 years ago on the UC Berkeley campus: "how did this place come to be?""What is this place supposed to be doing?". After 15 years of working on-campus and studying the question, an answer became clear - it has been the Spirit of Fiat Lux ("Let There Be Light") in the hearts and minds of our people that has made all the difference! This Spirit of Fiat Lux has allowed UC Berkeley to survive, and even thrive, in the face of the constant challenges and direct attacks.

In 2013 SFL Publications LLC was incorporated, and The Spirit of Fiat Lux coffee table was published. The question then became: "as a land grant university, what is the university's obligation to engage in the problems of the people - particularly in these modern days of cuts, cuts, cuts and tuition increases while the public is facing devastating problems of community health challenges: climate change, health care failures, the meaning of wellness and community health, education at all levels, etc.?"

In 2014, Enterprise 501c3 was incorporated as a California non-profit corporation and along with faculty collaborators from UC Berkeley, Stanford, UC San Francisco and the University of Moscow (Russia), and the executives of the Public Health Institute and Kaiser Permanente and many others, we began to advance a national and congressional effort to create, study, research and discuss Community Health Indexing.

In 2015, Enterprise 501c3 began its university and community consulting arm across a broad range of workshops, speaking engagements, and curriculum to create a whole new industry, Community  Health Indexing. We created the Community Health Institute in Berkeley.

In 2016, CHIERS was launched: the Community Health Index Electronic Reporting System ("CHIERS") an AI, data-analytics, cloud-based, SaaS system to measure the health of a community and deliver a useful score to meet the needs of  businesses, governments, professionals with a no-cost mobile app for non-commercial individuals.

In 2019,
we launched the fundraising and development of the CHIERS prototype.

If interested in joining us on our trail-blazing adventure, please contact us - see our Contact Us page above.
"Study the Spirit" - "Live the Spirit - "Work the Spirit" - the Spirit of Fiat Lux"